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Webcam Covers

  • Mini Security Webcam Cover Mini Security Webcam Cover Min Qty: 250 as low as $0.43
  • Webcam Cover Webcam Cover Min Qty: 150 as low as $0.43
  • Security Webcam Cover Security Webcam Cover Min Qty: 250 as low as $0.46
  • Slider Webcam Cover Slider Webcam Cover Min Qty: 250 as low as $0.46
  • Sliding Webcam Cover Sliding Webcam Cover Min Qty: 150 as low as $0.46
  • Wise Guise Webcam Cover Wise Guise Webcam Cover Min Qty: 250 as low as $0.54
  • Webcam Cover in Clear Bag with Instructional Card Webcam Cover in Clear Bag with Instructional Card Min Qty: 150 as low as $0.57
  • Privacy Guy Webcam Cover Privacy Guy Webcam Cover Min Qty: 250 as low as $0.59
  • Screen Buddy Webcam Cover Screen Buddy Webcam Cover Min Qty: 250 as low as $0.82
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Customized Webcam Covers

Help employees, customers and potential clients protect their online privacy with a promotional custom webcam cover! Practical and affordable, webcam covers simply slide over the camera on laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and stand-alone cameras, preventing unauthorized persons visual access to the user’s physical environment keeping hackers and prying eyes from viewing your surroundings. Customized webcam covers are the easiest way to protect your privacy and prevent webcam spying, and make great promotional gifts for events and tradeshows. With effortless installation, you simply place the cover over your webcam, and slide it open and closed (or just it slide over) as needed, allowing you quick and easy access to online meetings, as well as video chats and calls.

Have you ever experienced an accidental webcam moment? Not only does a webcam cover provide privacy from hackers, but it can also save you a great deal of embarrassment during online meetings! Sometimes you just need a little privacy during a long meeting, and you can’t always get up and leave the room. When you don’t want others to see what is happening in your office, sometimes muting your microphone isn’t enough. Having a way to prevent others from seeing what is going on can also be important! Our personalized webcam covers fit perfectly on most electronic devices and external webcams, and can be opened and closed as needed to prevent others from viewing your immediate surroundings.

Our promotional webcam covers are ideal for most electronic devices, and offer security and peace of mind from modern day hackers to protect privacy and personal information, while letting people know you care about the security of your brand and the way you do business. Personalized webcam covers feature your custom graphics, giving you a unique and effective way to market your brand effectively, while providing employees and clients with the added personal privacy they need.

Lightweight and easy to carry and distribute, personalized webcam covers make great promotional gifts for any event, tradeshow or giveaway, and are ideal as leave-behind reminders when visiting a prospective customer. Personalized with your custom graphics, logo, or message, recipients will remember your brand every time they sit down at their computer, providing you with repeat exposure you can’t get with a one-and-done, single use promotional item. It literally puts you in front of them so they will remember your visit and think of your company often. Custom webcam covers are a superb way to promote any business, and will be appreciated and used by everyone who receives one.

You don’t have to break the bank to get great exposure for your company! When you put your brand name in front of your customers and potential clients with a personalized webcam cover, you have an effective marketing tool that customers can actually use every day. Ordering is easy! Simply add your choice to the shopping cart at the Custom Cleaning Cloth Store, upload your artwork during our easy online ordering process, and soon you will have the perfect promotional product for all of your marketing events!

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