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Build connections from an iPhone screen cleaner

Friday 16th August 2013

Wouldn't you want to wipe off all your fingerprints from a day of constantly using this at a trade show?As iPhones and iPads become an integral part of a person's workflow, they need to maintain a clear screen. After hours of taking notes and adding contacts into their interfaces at a large trade show, the iPhone or iPad looks like it been through a lot. Vendors at the event can solve this issue by handing out a custom microfiber cloth. Attendees will not have to try cleaning a day full of smudges with napkins or ineffective cleaning sprays.

Believe it or not, the material of iPhone screen cleaners is meant for those specific surfaces. Using water and a paper towel is not going to get the job done like these cloths. Most of the time, you're stuck with leftover paper bits or streaks of water.

During the trade show, people are able to pass these cloths onto others so they can clean their devices. This is the perfect opportunity to make a connection with another colleague.

Even people who don't have an Apple product can benefit from the promotional merchandise because most likely, their cell phones consist of a large touch screen as well. More than half of American adults carry these mini computers around to complete daily tasks. Providing these individuals with an item that is useful only increases the chance that they will keep it and continue to use it.

Similar to a blank canvas, iPad screen cleaners come in many sizes. Is your company trying to make the component large enough to clean a tablet or only compact for cell phones? Coming up with an answer to this question is important because it helps marketing teams plan out a design to place on the microfiber cloth.