Promoting your Business with Custom Cleaning Cloths

May 17, 2018

Often times it’s hard trying to decide which product to use in your marketing campaigns. So why use a custom cleaning cloth? Will it be used or tossed in the trash like so many other unpopular promotional items?

Promotional cleaning cloths are a great investment. Not only are they inexpensive to keep you within or below budget, but they are in fact, very useful products that people will love to use. Compact and easy to carry, cleaning cloths are made with very soft microfiber material and are ideal for cleaning a number of items, including cell phone and tablet screen, computer monitors, or eyeglasses and sunglasses. Cleaning cloths are great for all electronic devices and clean off the dust, dirt, and oil easily accumulated by daily use.

Cleaning cloths come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, some in cases or on a key chain, others with a spray bottle of lens cleaner and even a few that double as a mouse pad! Many cleaning cloths have a full color, edge to edge bleed imprint with photo quality images to maximize your imprint and exposure. Personalized cleaning cloths are perfect for Optometrists, electronic stores or related industries, or really any business at all. Cleaning cloths can be used by everyone, whether they are cleaning their smartphone, computer, or glasses, and each time they use it they will be reminded of your brand.

So really, why not add a custom imprinted cleaning cloth to your promotional arsenal? They are inexpensive, reusable, and a practical item that people will use over and over again.