Keeping Eyeglasses Clean with Custom Microfiber Cloths

May 30, 2019

May people wear eyeglasses on a daily basis, and it’s often hard to keep them clean (speaking from personal experience)! And while some wear them all day long, others like me, put them on and take them off all throughout the day. We need them to see so we can work on our computers, watch TV and drive, but we don’t wear them when they are not needed. Keeping them clean can be really frustrating! Each time you take them off littles smudges and fingerprints seem to appear, even though you would swear you never touched the lenses.

And using tissues is not great for your lenses, or even worse, your clothing (we’ve all done it)! That’s where a custom cleaning cloth really comes in handy. Small and compact, microfiber cloths fit easily into your glasses case, or can be kept near your desk, in the glove box, etc. so they can be used frequently. That’s where the customization benefit comes in handy.

When you put your company name or logo on a custom microfiber cloth, you are getting repeat exposure with every cloth you hand out. The recipient will use it over and over again, each time seeing your brand displayed proudly on the cloth. Not only does a custom microfiber cleaning cloth offer you a large imprint area, but they also come with a full-color bleed! That means your custom graphic covers the entire cloth, from edge to edge so you can create an eye-catching display that customer will see time and time again.

While everyone doesn’t wear glasses, most do wear sunglasses. And even for the occasional non-glass wearer, custom microfiber cloths are great for cleaning off smartphones and other items you use frequently so you can be assured that every single cloth you distribute is being put to use, advertising your company over and over again!