How to use a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to Promote your Business

June 11, 2018

Custom microfiber cloths are an easy way to advertise your company or event without breaking the bank. Not only are they cost effective, they can be worked into just about almost any promotional event and theme. Microfiber cleaning cloths have become a staple in today’s electronic filled world. They can be used to on phones, tablets, laptop, computer, etc. to keep screens and devices free of fingerprints, dirt, and bacteria. They also work great for prescription, reading, and sunglasses too.

Cleaning cloths are great for tradeshows and other consumer events. Not only are they lightweight and portable for the event host and set-up, but also for the attendees to carry around with them until they leave the event. You can put a bowl or other large container on a table and let people take one as they stop to see your booth or table. After the event, they will be reminded of your event long after it is over each time they use it.

Another great idea for promoting with microfiber cloths is a promotional mailer. They won’t add much, if anything, to your shipping cost when sending customers or prospective customer’s information on your company, and it’s an easy way to keep your name in front of them so you are always on their mind.

At, we have a large selection of personalized cleaning cloths, including edge to edge full-color process printing available in several sizes that are perfect to showcase your company or event logo to provide people with a useful promotional item that won’t soon forget.