Fighting Germs with Custom Cleaning Cloths

September 13, 2018

September 13, 2018

Custom cleaning cloths are a great way to promote healthy habits and help decrease the spread of germs. Cell phones and computers are an integral part of today’s world. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, and this includes children. Given today’s technology-based world, it’s kind of hard not to have one. And while these electronic devices are essential, they are also a major cause of spreading bacteria and germs leading to viruses.

Think about it – you use your phone daily, usually many times throughout the day. But how often do you clean it? For most people, I would say not often enough. When someone has a cold or flu, they leave germs and bacteria on everything they touch, including their electronic devices. In fact, research has shown these devices carry more bacteria than a toilet, due to the warmth of the phone’s battery causing germs to linger.

Custom cleaning cloths are light, small and useful, and won’t eat away at your marketing budget. Starting as low as 49¢ per piece, cleaning cloths featuring your company logo or graphics are a great way to promote your business while reminding customers about the importance of a clean device. Not just for cleaning smartphones, cleaning cloths are ideal for laptops, tablets, computers, and other electronics you use throughout the day. And not just for electronics, cleaning cloths can be used to wipe down door knobs and other areas that are frequently touched by the public.

Promoting your organization is easy with a custom cleaning cloth, and with a full color bleed you start with a blank canvass and can create a unique personalized item that people will truly appreciate. At the Custom Cleaning Cloth store we have a great selection of cleaning cloths, including custom shapes and mousepads, cloths that comes in a pouch, lens cleaners and more!