Boost Your Brand with Microfiber Screen Cleaner Promotional Cloth

March 30, 2020

Touch screen gadgets have made technology more intuitive, but it comes with its own issues. The oil and dirt on your fingers can really do a number on your screens. Make your customers’ and potential clients’ phones, computers, and tablets look like new with a custom microfiber Promotional Screen Cloth.

There are numerous ways for you to feature your brand image. Keep it simple and choose a mini screen cleaner that shows your business name, or choose a microfiber cloth that features a full color image.

How can you customize promotional screen cloth for your targeted audience? Initially, they seem like a simple solution for any campaign. Microfiber cloths are soft enough to clean most screens, and since most of your recipients have phones and/or tablets, customized Microfiber Screen Cleaner Promotional cloths are almost guaranteed to be used.

It is true that promotional microfiber screen cleaners can be used to wipe the phone and tablet screens, but there are numerous other uses for them if you dig a little deeper. While cell phone and tablet screens should be wiped from time to time, focusing on other uses might be more beneficial to you in the long run. You can run a more targeted promotional campaign and recipients will feel that the product is more thoughtful.

Promotional Screen Cloth

Consider other items that need a smooth touch when cleaning such as eyeglasses and camera lenses. Custom Microfiber Lens Cloth would be useful for those who interact with these items on a regular basis. Glass wearers and photographers likely clean their lenses multiple times a day, which would mean more brand exposure for you.

You can pick the size and shape that best suits your needs. So if you are putting a customized lens cloth in every case of new eyeglasses, you can choose a smaller microfiber lens cleaning cloth than one you would use to clean a camera lens.

Also, the printing opportunities on microfiber screen cleaning cloth are broader than on other promotional items. Consider adding a schedule of upcoming events or trade shows. And the branding doesn’t stop there. Promotional cases are included with numerous customized microfiber lens cloths. That’s just one more opportunity for you to get your business message to the recipient.

So, present your brand message with durable Microfiber Screen Cleaner Promotional cloth today!